Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 55

Well this week was a very successful week for Elder Cacoango and I, and we were super excited at where things are going! The work has accelerated to having a lot of new people to teach, 8 new investigators this week and we are just elated to see the progress here in Pedagogico. And all these new investigators are families with a husband and a wife and that is amazing! Also we were able to put baptismal dates on Eddy, Arny, and Emma, the 3 teenagers that are a part member family, and they are preparing for baptism the 24th of October.....so that is awesome too!! But overall things are amazing here, and the ward is growing a little bit, members are good, and all is progressing toward our goal!

Also this week an Elder from the ward returned from his mission in Paraguay /Argentina, and he is pretty cool. We had the chance to be at the airport with his family too. His sister is a less active that we are working with and his mom is an investigator that will probably be baptized this coming month!! So it is a nice addition to the family that he is back and a help for us missionaries to help grow the ward too. Also the ward had a welcome back party with messages and food and us having a good time for the most part, so pretty fun. But it made me think about when I come back too, but I tried to put that thought back  and not think about the future like that, but it will come one day hahah. And for the most part things are going well in the things that we are doing, the ward is helping in our work as missionaries and things are looking up for the most part haha. I am loving it here and having a great time in Juliaca, cant wait to see where things go in this next month!! Well until next week yall!! 

Its hard to see, but I thought it was hilarious. There is an advertising sign for a metal shop called "Hitler" hahaha Its a little weird, but enjoy haha