Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 61

Hey everyone!! Seriously so crazy to have another week pass by, but now I am in another area and another zone, so things are new. But this week was a change obviously because I went to another area and now have another companion and things are just different!

Well, now I am in the Zone of Bellavista in Puno, and in the area of Huajsapata. My companion is Elder Webb, who is from Las Vegas, he is a really chill and a really cool guy. I never knew who he was until now but we are super excited to start working together and get some progress in our area. Sadly our ward is very low in numbers and things are not as they could be, so lots of work to start with. First off, the attendance is down, so we have been thinking and wondering of what we can do to help this ward. We talked with the bishop and we have started our ward mission plan to help us as missionaries and also to help fortify the members, it will take some time, but we are ready to work. Elder Webb told me that when I got there, the members started to kinda open up and get a little more excited to help the ward out.....not sure what that means....but we will take whatever progress when can get and try our best to work in the Lords way and work with the Spirit. 

In our zone conference, we read a very spiritual story that our President gave us and it really helped me to understand the purpose we have as missionaries and how we can see miracles in the mission. Basically if we are obedient exactly and we are evaluating ourselves each and every day, we will see miracles. I know it is true, if we are faitful exactly to the commandments and rules that we have, Elder Webb and I can see a lot of miracles in a struggling area and ward. We are going to do our best to put it in practice too this week. Also I have been focusing a lot on the teachings of Christ this week and how I can help our investigators with them. I have been studying in Matthew this week and like a lot of paraboles, so it is helping me to understand what Christ has in store for me and for the area I am in. I dont really know that many of the members yet or the investigators, I just know that we are low on numbers and we are trying to grow in finding new people to teach and to see progress. The investigators are few, but maybe next week I can say a little more about our work here.....still getting to know it all. 

But overall the area is cool, lots of hills! Literally we go up hills and stairs all day.....so I will be fine after awhile. haha Our pensionista is really cool! We probably eat fried foods 3x a week, so not too healthy, but we really enjoy our time with them. She cooks pretty good food, and we are always joking around with them. Also this week we talked to this drunk guy that came up to us, so we just tried to not talk forever and just go quickly.....but I gave him a gift. I gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and took a picture with him.....he was so happy!! Who knows.....maybe one day we will see the guy in church sober haha! Well, another really good week, just getting used to new things and trying to work hard and be a servant of the Lord that works through the Spirit!

 1. Elder Cacoango cooking

 2. Hermana Justina and her family saying goodbye.

 3/4. Soccer Jerseys we made that say Temple Crew

 5. Elder Kline and I

 6. Elder Kline, Elder Fuentes, and I

 7. The District

 8. Elder Cacoango and I.

 9. Elder Belliston, Elder Kline, and I

 10. Saying goodbye to Arny, Eddy, Emma, Vanesa, and Herminia

 11/12. The Last Supper.....oreos, pancakes, and arroz con leche

 13. Saying goodbye to Maria Lara and family.

 14. Saying goodbye to my pensionista and her family.

 15. Terminal with Elder Cacoango.

 16 Terminal with Elder Ramirez.

 17/18. My sector in Puno and view of Lake Titicaca.

 19/20. Talking with the drunk guy....and giving him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet.