Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 52

Week 52!!!

Well another week down and another awesome week of work here in Peru and Juliaca! This week was actually one of my most productive weeks concerning lessons and things like that, but we have a lot of work to do still. Like we had 3 investigators come to church, all 3 are teenagers but they are a part member family. Arny, the youngest of them is amazing and understands most of the doctrine, and he started to mark his Book of Mormon with his notes. So we hope to see him progress a little more, his 2 siblings dont have much interest but are coming to church at least. Not reading and praying much, so we are trying to help them a lot. Also FINALLY someone is progressing to get married so that they can get baptized too, because there is such a bad tradition here to not marry and just live together. But Maria is the mom of a returning elder here in a few weeks and she wants to get baptized, but needs to be married first, so she is doing great and will probably get baptized this coming month!! But this week we have had a lot of success with finding new people to teach and we are asking for a lot of references and people to teach, and many people are giving us names to visit, so that is looking up now! But really this week is a turning point for Elder Cacoango and I, we are contacting more people, people are coming to church, and it looks like we will have a super successful October. We just need to keep working hard and keep finding those that are ready to listen to the Gospel. But we are really enjoying the work, the ward is trying to help too, and we are happy with the results!

Well this week I will complete my 1 year mark!! It is crazy that I am halfway there, I am happy but sad in the same time. I have had so many wonderful memories from this last year and I will never forget my time here! I have 2 other Elders from my group here in Juliaca including my District Leader, so we will see if we do something crazy to celebrate the halfway mark....haha But this week the weather was HORRIBLE!! It isnt supposed to be raining in this time of year, so it was really weird when we say rain storms and thunder storms almost every day this week, so the streets were bad. Well basically Juliaca is all flat, and a little bit like a bowl, no river for the water, no drainage systems for the water, and most of the roads of our sector are dirt roads. So that means, flooding of almost all the streets in our area, and it being FULL of mud!! Literally imagine walking in like 6 inches of mud the whole day and going to appointments with it raining too and being cold......but we still had a good week!! And luckily we have big rain boots here to use, so I was sporting those for the week, pretty stylish with white shirt and tie, with dress pants right?? haha But hopefully the rain stops and it dries up a bit before it rains again, its hard to work effectively when its like that....

And finally a funny experience, we were way out past our area in an area that we dont have many people, so we were contacting there. And this group of people wanted me to play volleyball with them, so I did because it would be fun with a tall gringo. So we contacted them, made some friends in that area and they just really enjoyed my prescence really....not sure why. I am pretty sure that I was the first gringo in all their time there. And we were leaving, and they asked to take pictures with me to remind them of the time that they had there hahahah. I agreed, but it was a little weird haha! So overall a pretty interesting and fun week of work here in Juliaca!! Well until next week everyone!!

 1. Our lunch was set up for us by our pensionsista with a face in our rice, and then a drawing of us. ( She always likes to make fun of how long my neck is.....so yah) She is awesome!

 2. Well it rained a lot, so the main road here turned into a river! 

 3. Elder Cacoango getting soaked in the rain.

 4. Elder Cacoango and I hiding from the rain and storm for a bit.

 5. This is me in a street with water upto my knees almost, luckily we have big rain boots here.

 6. Just a few pictures with people who were playing volleyball and wanted me to play, after they wanted a picture with me, so there are a few. Enjoy!!!