Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 65

Well, this week was for sure different, not being with Elder Webb and now having Elder Soto as my new companion. But we are trying our best to get things done and see progress as usual. Also my first week as being district leader, which isnt that bad as some people put it. I have to call all the companionships in my district and receive their results on the work for the week, just a little busy work to end the week Sundays. Now I have to run the district meetings too, and do a little bit of a training each week. New work to do, but a responsibility that Ill try to do my best. 

As the work goes, it was a normal week of work. We are seeing Guillermo progress toward his baptism very well, just we changed the date until the 19th, so he is excited too as are we. It is incredible to see his faith grow and how he is taking steps of faith to follow Christ. We are so excited to see him make that covenant with God and be baptized. We are trying hard to find new investigators, but it is hard, we need to definitely increase in our investigator numbers and help those people that are ready to hear our message. Hard to find them at times, but something  we can work on, not many people to teach in these days. But we do have Magno, who is more or less progressing. He just needs to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and he wants to get baptized if he knows that it is true. So we are working with him to strengthen his faith in the church and make covenants.....hoping the best for him. But overall the work is continuing, not as much progress as we want obviously, but working hard each day. Loving it too here, Puno is awesome, just trying to work with Elder Soto this week to end the transfer!

Some other funny things that happened......first, playing basketball with 2 members and the loser buys fried chicken for the others. So Elder Soto and I took on the bet and we lost to them!! I was almost playing solo with Elder Soto and the others, but we took them out to eat fried chicken......haha. Fun times here in Huajsapata!! Well Christmas is coming up everyone and hope you all embrace this wonderful time of Christmas! Check out the video about Christ at christmas.mormon.org to check it out!! Love ya guys....not too many more weeks until I can skype with you guys!!