Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 64

Wow, this week was crazy, a lot of changes this week really. Elder Webb and I were working fine all week, not necessarily the most successful week ever, but working hard. Guillermo, who is our only investigator progressing for his baptismal date the 12th, so we focused on helping him this week a lot, and he is doing well. Getting all the doctrine, accepting and completing the committments and really trying to prepare himself for baptism. He is awesome, he will be a real help for the members and the ward. This week we also finished all the lessons with Liliana and she was officially reactivated this week. She is great too, finally back to church and helping her family out too. We are trying to find new investigators, and its hard, trying to get more references to help that out. So we will see what will happen. 

But we were working like normal until Saturday came around and Elder Webb got a call in the afternoon saying that he has an emergency transfer to the offices of the mission. So we were pretty surprised! President Harbertson told me awhile ago that I should get to know the area quickly, and I didnt know why. But now I do! So Elder Webb got the news that he will leave Sunday after Sacrament meeting, and so we had no time to go and say bye to people. We went to make tacos with our pensionista and had some fun, and then he had to pack all his stuff for transfer. So after we ended sacrament meeting, we had to go to the terminal and then I had to go pick up my new companion. But my companion isnt just any kind of Elder, he is a mini missionary. I dont think in the states we do mini missions, but basically how it works is that you are preparing to go on a mission and are a missionary for a few weeks to prepare yourself. So he will only be with me for 6 weeks or less. Elder Soto is from Puno, where we work, but lives in another part. He basically has the same kind of rules, but a little different bc he leaves so close to where we are. But he will go on his mission after and continue working, this is just a pre work thing and I am helping him out. So its kinda cool, we are excited to work and get things progressing here in Huajsapata!!

But lots of quick changes around here and its sad to see Elder Webb go to the offices, but Elder Soto and I are happy to get to work and help the ward out. I am growing every day being a missionary, spiritually and mentally. I love the people and all that we do, and its such a blessing to be here as a missionary. Crazy how fast all goes and how I have more than a year here, but just want you all to knwo that things are great!! Loving every second, well hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and ate a lot for me....my Thanksgiving didnt exist. Work, work, and work thats it, but things are great!! Love ya guys!!

1-2. Plaza de Armas en Puno

 3. Inka Manco Capac

 4. Me with a statue of a piper dude.

 5-11. Giant Inka statue here where we live on Cerrito Huajsapata, with Elder Kline, Elder Cacoango, Elder Fuentes, Elder Webb, and my son Elder Palacios. They came and visited from Juliaca

 12. We decided to drink a lot of Pepsi for some reason

 13. Our pensionistas mom, who is shorter than me when I am on my knees!! hahahaah Peruvians are soooo short!!

 14. Ward Activity

 15. Members

 16. Pensionista cooking tacos

 17-18. Saying goodbye to members with Elder Webb

 19-21. Saying goodbye to Elder Webb at the terminal...also with Elder Ludlow