Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 56

Well it was another successful week here in Pedagogico in Juliaca! We are looking up on a lot of things, again this week! We are seeing progress again with the work here and we are loving it, new people coming out of the blue, people progressing, and things are going well. I have a lot of confidence in my Heavenly Father that he will help us in this work and help us continue to see progress here. I am just so excited to see it happen. Arny, Eddy, and Emma are still on track for their baptism for the 24th, we are just trying to get them excited and ready to go for that date. And a few others we are trying to put baptismal dates, but it will take a little bit longer and we will probably see some soon. 

Well General Conference was amazing!! We had such a great time listening to our apostles and prophet, it was such a nice way to help us as missionaries. I loved most of the talks actually, I will need to go back and read them and analize them a little more when the Ensign comes out next month, but I really liked Elder Hollands talk about mothers. And many more too, but I really enjoyed listening to them and also sustaining the 3 new apostles that will be such a wonderful help to the church. We will see how things work out with them. But overall, the sessions were great, I learned so much about the Atonement of Christ, and the importance of that to change our lives for the better. I cant believe that I have 1 more conference in the mission now!! What??

Well overall a great week, work is good, getting to see more progress, General Conference was amazing like usual, and it was a blast to be with the zone too. We have a multi zone conference this week, so we will have the chance to hear President Harbertson and his wife, and learn a lot from them this week. Cant wait to see what is next!!!

 1. Me holding a baby lamb in the middle of a service project.

 2. Elder Kline and Elder Cacoango in the service project working. 

3. They boys, Elder Kline, Elder Belliston and me.