Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 73

Great week!! Loving it more and more in our area, things are going great! This week was a better week than normal with lots of work to do and lots of progress made to better the ward too. Probably one of the best weeks we have had together, and it feels great! When I came here in early November, we had maybe 3 investigators that were steady, maybe not progressing but there. Now, we are seeing so many new people to teach, and it is awesome. we love it! Now, there is a list of people to visit and a few progressing more than others. Richard is a part member family, and he has a baptismal date for March 5th, and he is coming to church regularly and now we are working well with him. Also Yessmeri has a date too, but hasnt come to church yet though. That is a big problem we have here, trying to get people to church, and it is hard though, trying to help people come to church. But lots of work going on, we are happy to see more progress and work this week, now just hoping to see all of them progress. 

But the other good thing is that we had like 9 less actives that we are teaching come to church this week, and it was awesome! When we called in our numbers for the week to the zone leaders, they were so excited to hear that and very proud. So it made us feel nice too....haha. And not really anything else super fun happened this week. Really just a normal week, working hard Elder Stringham and I. Studying the New Testament still, now in Acts and learning a lot about the Apostles teachings and from Paul too. Still training Elder Stringham too, lots of work still to go, and we are running through the training program and finding a lot of things to improve on. Our pension is still pregnant, you can note with her stomach now, getting a little bit big.....haha. But they are all great, they may be less actives, but they are so funny and offer such a big service to us each day. We basically count them as a family, because we are in their home each day.....love them. I am going to be the honorary god father to her baby, so I have to come back is what they say to baptize him. Hopefully I have a job and enough money by then....haha. Well nothing else, love you all, and have a great week!!!

My pension and her family with Elder Stringham and I.