Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 62

Well this week was such a spiritual week for me and for many of the missionaries in our zone. I have felt the Spirit in this work very strong, it may have been a little hard at times, but we all are trying our best to do better here! First off, we had our interviews with President Harbertson and we also received some amazing training from the Assistents. We focused a lot on how we can better our teaching and really teach with the spirit better. President is also trying to have us focus on working with the less actives and trying to get references from them, and it is what we need to do to be following the promptings of the Lord. But I had a great talk with President and he is an amazing man that helps me to better myself and how I can be a better missionary here in Puno! 

And to share an amazing experience that Elder Webb and I had literally directly after, or the day after this training we had. Well we received a reference from another member in another ward, and he said that she has been going through a lot of problems and needs our help. So we go with him to start the process of teaching and we had the most spiritual lesson of my entire mission!! We started to explain the real significance and importance of the Atonement and how it can help her life, and she started to feel the Spirit and we did too. I honestly never felt it that strong before. And the best part was when she offered the closing prayer, ended the prayer, and said "Wow! I feel so much different and so much more calm....Its amazing!!" That was the best moment as a missionary, to know that someone is recognizing the impressions of the Spirit and she wants to change now. She accepted the baptismal invitation and we are happy to know that she is on the right path now. We left the lesson, and I couldnt believe it....such a spiritual moment for each one of us there!! So I can testify with more certainty now that it is true and God is preparing people each day to accept the Gospel in their lives!

I have also been progressing in my studies of the New Testament, and they are helping a lot. I have had a few chances now to share some of the parables that Jesus taught with investigators and less actives, so that helped me know that it was not for nothing. Enjoying my time to better my language skills, not the best spanish speaker, just trying to better my accent and all the little details now! Well going well in that aspect!

Our numbers werent that great really this week but I had a wonderful experience and it has strengthened my testimony more. Doesnt matter about the numbers, as long as I am completing with my responsibility and helping others come unto Christ, God is happy for me! Also this week we had a great Stake Conference and we heard some amazing talks about how this stake can progress and how each and every member can better their lives. It was a great weekend with the conference, interviews, and many other spiritual experiences. We also had the chance to go to the Cachina......or basically a place that all the stuff is cheap and in my size because they are all just donations from the States haha. But I didnt find anything for me, so I just got a nice hoodie for 15 soles. But overall, a very special week that I will not forget....with the sprituall and moving experiences that I have had. I will just keep working to help the people here, and try my best to be the best instrument in God's hands!! Thanks so much for your support at home, love you guys!!

1-2. A family after playing a game where the punishment if you lost is that they can draw things on your face.....fun stuff!

 3. The rain was coming for us

 4-8. Making Mississippi Mud Cake again!! Yeah!!