Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 70 - 16 Months

Hitting the 16 month mark this week! That is pretty crazy.....I literally felt like I just passed the 1 year mark....everyday is flying b y faster and faster every day. But still having a great time in this training time with Elder Stringham. He is the man! Learning Spanish like crazy now, we still need to work on a lot obviously, but he is participating in the converstations a little more and teaching really well now. But we are having a blast in these days just working and having a good time together.....fun stuff. 

This week was definitely a better week, getting a lot of new things going with work and we are having more investigators to teach. We found this one contact that knew the missionaries over 30 years ago, and has been listening to them for awhile, but has stopped for years now. So we had a good lesson with him and he is willing to come to church, so some good potential with him. We really did get more work done this week and we love it, time goes by faster and we enjoy our time more when we arent walking in the rain all day. So, things are looking up on that and we have some solid investigators that can progress, so we just need to help them come to church, an we will see a lot more progression. 

Other funny things that happened are that we had a great time eating our reward of pizza with Ruso and Delbert.....who we beat in basketball the other week and now they finally payed us. Pretty good reward and it was delicious too! haha But really, not too exciting of a week, we are just working hard. Sometimes it is better than others, sometimes no. Love you guys!! Hope you all have a wonderful and successful week and that you ennjoy the email!!!