Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 54

Wow!! What a wonderful week it was here in Juliaca and we had a blast too!! Well today are transfers but nothing is happening here. Elder Cacoango and I are going to stay together here in Pedagogico for another transfer, but we are excited. We get along, and we have a good time together always, and we never fight....so thats good. 

But the highlight of this week was having a baptism and witnessing basically a baptism party!! So Elder Cacoango and I baptized a little girl who is 10 years old, and she is amazing! Her name is Seni, her parents are members but she lives with her grandma who we recently reactivated. And she always wanted to be baptized and we finally got the chance to do it with 5 other baptisms from the other elders. Elder Kline and Elder Fuentes from our ward, they had a lot of success and so we joined with them to have 6 baptisms in the same night, talk about a spiritual and a memorable moment!! We call that here a "Noche Blanca" or a "White Night", and it will always be in my memory here! But the cool part is that I got the chance to baptized Seni, and it was a spiritual experience and I felt the spirit strong in that time. And I am so glad that I have the priesthood authority to do that and it is amazing that I can excercise that power to help Seni enter into the baptismal convenant with God. Luckily the font was warm when we had the baptism too, so that was nice hahaha. But it was seriously so sick to have so many people get baptized in the same time and we really enjoyed the moment! Pictures to come! Also all the confirmations, or receiving the Holy Ghost took a long time too in Sacrament Meeting because there are 6 confirmations! So that was another experience I will not forget!

I also had a great time working with Elder Kline, who is from my MTC group,  and we had a blast with splits. I love working with him, he is funny, and we just have fun going through the routine of missionary work. Eating peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich was good!! haha And just chilling, so we enjoyed our time together!! But overall we had a good week finding a few new people that are looking good for the future and we hope to see them progress. Another 6 weeks here in Juliaca at least, but excited to see work comiing through! Talk to yall next week!!

 1. Eating pizza celbrating my 1 year in the mission with my pensionista!

 2. White out!!! All the people baptizing and going to get baptized! 10 people in total!!

 3. Elder Kline and Elder Fuentes with their 5 investigators ready for the baptism.

 4. Seni and her family.

 5. Seni with Elder Cacoango and I.

 6/7. Seni and I leaving the baptismal font after the baptism ocurred. 

 8. Elder Kline gave me american chocolate!! Hersheys!!

9. Elder Cacoango and I with 2 members, Samantha and Justina.