Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 67 - Christmas

Well this week was pretty crazy and awesome all at the same time, I loved it!! Well as you all know that I am training a new missionary now and that I am still in Puno. So I had to travel to Cusco this week after Monday and receive training to become a trainer and to become a district leader too. So all day Wednesday I was in training....it kinda sucked but needed training from President Harbertson. So I am training Elder Stringham, who is from Provo, Utah, and he is pretty cool!  He is trying to learn spanish still so I am going to have to help him out with all that here in our 2 transfers of training. He has good intentions, so we hope to continue on in our area having success, and that I can hopefully help him learn all the stuff of the mission life. 

I got my new companion, we had lunch with President and the APs and we received more training too, but we spent all of Wednesday there, having to go back to Puno Thursday morning. Puno is about a 7-8 hour bus ride from Cusco, so not too fun....luckily the seats are super comfy and they put on movies for the ride...whoops. haha But now we are here in Puno again enjoying life and trying to work hard. We  had the Christmas Dinner with President Harbertson and Hermana Harbertson on Friday with allll the missionaries from Juliaca and Puno....so like 70 missionaries. It was a wonderful program about the importance of Christ and really feeling the Christmas spirit. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner also prepared for us and had a gift exchange. So all the missionaries bring a gift and President reads a  Christmas story and everytime he says certain words or phrases, the gifts get mixed up. So at the end of the story, that is  your gift...I got a nice neck pillow for travelling and sleeping purposes.....nice!! haha But I am truly greatful to be a missionary here in Peru during Christmas again, I feel a special spirit more than ever and it is a wonderful time to share the Gospel with everyone. I enjoy every moment of talking about Christ and his birth and all the wonderful details of his life. As missionaries, it is hard to focus sometimes because we arent with our families, but there is a special privilege to be a missionary during this special time of year. It is helping my testimony grow so much and I love everything!!

 Other great news is that Guillermo got baptized Saturday and everything went perfect!!! I was so  happy when it came down to the moment of the baptism...he was nervous but ready to make that step in life. The whole ward also was a big part of his baptism in having a super awesome Christmas party after to celebrate his special day, so we enjoyed hot chocolate with Paneton!! The ward did so well in supporting him.  But after the actual baptism, Guillermo thanked me and I could see that he felt different and he gave such a powerful testimony that he was on the right path now and that he felt soooo clean after. It is true and the Spirit was there, as I had the sacred privilege to be the Priesthood holder to baptize him, and it was a meaningful moment in my life. I will not forget that moment.....so we hope for everything to go well with him and he can progress even more. 

Awesome week!! Cant wait for Christmas and the wonderful things that will happen when it comes, and the opportunity to talk to all of you guys!! See ya later this week!!

1. On the bus to Cusco!

 2. My 2 sons, the 2 Elders that I have trained! Elder Palacios and Elder Stringham

 3. Elder Stringham and I, father and son

 4. Christmas dinner

 5. Zone Bellavista Puno

 6. Guillermo's Baptism!!