Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 60

Wow, yet another week down here in the mission!! Well today are transfers! And there was a big surprise when I went to internet today.......I am leaving my sector of Pedagogico and I am going to Puno. I will be going with Elder Webb, who is actually pretty cool! I didnt think that would happen, Elder Cacoango has been here for almost 6 months and we thought that he would go. But I am leaving, very sadly after only 2 transfers, I will honestly miss them so much and it was sad knowing that I will go. So I have to go and say goodbye all afternoon. But luckily I know that my son, the Elder that I trained will be Elder Cacoango's companion, Elder Palacios. So that is really weird, but glad he can take my spot and continue. 

Well we had a really good week, lots of things going on, and many things to come too! First off, we had the baptism for Angela and it went really awesome!! It came down to it all and she was super happy after the baptism. She is really awesome, very dedicated and always willing to keep the commandments. It was a really nice show up from the members too and it was nice just seeing others too supporting from the ward. But we are hoping the best for her in these days, just I wont be here now to help her out. Also Arny, Eddy, and Emma all passed their interviews and are going to be baptized this Saturday.....but now I wont be there for their baptisms. So that is sad, but I know that the Lord needs me in another area now and I can do a lot of things there. I hope the best for them and hoping to see them in the future as strong members of the church. 

Also Elder Cacoango this week was super sick, Friday and Saturday. He woke up having super bad abdominal pains and we took him to the hospital to get a check up. But it only turns out that it is not appendicitis it is just gases that are building up bad and now he is fine. So it kinda scared me for a second! Also Elder Cacoango and I had the chance to go to Samaan to visit with a family of converts, it is a super little pueblo in the middle of nowhere, but we had a good time. It reminded me of the farm at Grandma´s but a lot more flat, but we visited, ate some good food and just had a good time with the family. Also Elder Kline came to my sector and we had a good time in our work visit. He brought over a lot of food and we just pigged out, worked hard, and got some work in for the day, I always love working with him because he is one of my favorite guys here on the mission. We entered the mission together and hes just a fun guys to be around.

But I am going to miss Juliaca a lot, I have grown to love the people here and have grown to enjoy my time in our sector too. Too bad I have to leave and miss out on a few investigators that are progressing, but I know that the lOrd needs me in Puno and I am hoping to make the best of my time there. Miss you guys and hope you all have a good time this week!!

 1, 2, 3. Baking Mississippi Mud Cake! Turned out super delicious as always!

 4. Ttanta Wawa, or baby bread. A custom they have here to remind them of the dead near the Day of the Dead.

 5. Elder Kline and I on our work visit.....people think we are twins

 6. Me with this giant pea pod thing.

 7. Samaan

 8. The family from Samaan

 9. Coming back from Samaan, this guy we told him we wanted to take a picture of him because he has a Colts jacket and he was sooooo happy. haha

 10/11. Messing around in the chapel with Elder Fuentes and Elder Kline.

 12. We bumped into a family of investigators we taught Halloween night.

 13. Elder Cacoango and I with Hermana Olga.

 14. 4 Elders rocking the pink ties on Sunday!

 15-20. Baptism of Angela, and with the Elders and some with the members.