Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 75

Well, yet another week to go and just another normal week of work really. Not many special things really, but still pretty good times. 

First off with the progress of our area, with investigators and less actives. Well, this week we didnt get too many visits in but we still had the chance to help out a few new less actives, and find a few new people to teach. We have a less active that is about at full church attendance again, and we are just finishing up the lessons too and she will be fine. She just loves visiting with us too and she is great, always wanting to cook american food too.....which isnt bad at all. haha And really we are seeing a few investigators still preparing for baptism for March 5th, Richard and Wagner. Hoping the best for them and we hope to see more progress in the work here, always hoping for better weeks like usual. Work to be done for sure. 

This week I was also able to go work with Elder Mann, who is our zone leader and I am his district leader, and I have to visit them once a transfer. And Elder Mann is one of my best friends in the mission, we both started together in Sicuani so long ago and now we are just working hard and talking about the good times at the beginning of the mission. And boy has so much changed, and we really had a good time! Their pensions house is a problem for me though, it is short as a Peruvian!! hahaha I literally just had to bend my head walking through the house and let me tell you guys that it is very uncomfortable. Things are just short here, doors into houses, ceilings in homes, and the people in general....haha I just stick out like a sore thumb! But life goes on and the work still goes forward, no matter the uncomfortableness of my back or neck for these 2 years. Enjoy the few pics this week too. 

Little bit of a bug went through Elder Stringham and I, but not many times we actually get sick that we cant work....so that happened. This cool family in our ward moved and we are sad, they are so nice.....we will miss them a lot. And not much really happened, just another week to come and work in this glorious work!

Love Elder Shoaf

 1. Saying goodbye with Ruso and Katy and their kids. So awesome!

 2. View of Puno from the Condor

 3. Me at the Condor again.

 4. Dangerous climbing shot too

 5. With Helaman, our pension's brother.

6. My son Elder Stringham and I.