Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 76

Wow!! This week was a pretty crazy week but with such an amazing experience. As you guys knew before hand, this Saturday our whole mission had a Missionwide Conference to hear from Elder Holland!! All 200 of us missionaries all had to travel to Cusco at night, because there arent enough places to sleep for all of these missionaries. So we had to leave Puno, Friday night at midnight and then get to Cusco around 7 am. Yeah, 7 hours in a bus isnt too fun and having to sleep on it too in a suit. But we got there and I was able to see every person in the mission and all of my friends....it was awesome getting to see my old companions and see how they are doing. Elder Webb, Elder Cacoango, Elder Palacios, and all the guys from my MTC group....pictures to come. The conference itself was very short, but sooo powerful. To be able to hear from one of the Lords Apostles, it was a special witness of Christ speaking to our mission in specific, and it being Elder Holland who speaks even more clearly than many others. He spoke about how we, as missionaries, have to take advantage of every second of the mission and not lose a second of it. That obedience is the first law of heaven but he first law of everything, and it really hit me. Sometimes I am not taking advantage of every moment, but now we have such a desire to continue on. And I want to change all the things to make my mission the most special thing that has happened in my life. But the conference was amazing! The spirit of an Apostle was a testimony builder that we have a prophet and apostles here on earth again and it is such a blessing. Well, it all ended and we had to head back to Puno from Cusco immediately to get back for church on Sunday, so another 7 hour bus ride all afternoon. Let me just tell you that it is very tiring to travel 14 hours in a 24 hour period......we are still tired from the trip! haha

But besides the big conference in Cusco, we had a pretty good week of work. Wagner and Richard came to church.....we are just hoping that they are able to get ready for March 5th for baptism. They are close, we just need to see if they are really ready and will be prepared. Next week, I know that we will have more investigators progressing and get some new ones too, just hard sometimes. But after hearing all the councils from Elder Holland, we are ready to get even more focused. But we are enjoying our time, just 2 more weeks of training at least with Elder Stringham, who knows what will happen during transfers. But, hopé all of you have a great week too and you all have success in all you do!! Love you guys!!

Elder Shoaf

 1-2. Middle of nowhere here in Puno.

 3-5. Awesome artesan things that a member does. I made a scripture case with Indiana stuff.....also this bag from my comp. If you guys want stuff like that just let me know and I can buy them for you guys. They also have cases for scriptures, bags, and shoulder bags too. Let me know.

 6. Eating pizza with Ruso and his family.

 7-19. Pictures from the conference with old comps and a lot of friends in the mission. 

20. Elder Stringham with panchuta, huge bread from Cusco