Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 72

12 transfers down into the mission and only 5 more to go! Things are going well for the most part and we are enjoying our time a lot in training. Elder Stringham is a goofball like usual and he is progressing too. His spanish is taking some major strides, taking the lead in the lessons and talking usually with people. So, 1 more transfer with him at least finishing up the training. 

Our work was a little slow again this week but we did see the hand of the Lord in our work this week. Even though we didnt have too many lessons, we did have great lessons with our investigators and seeing them keep their committments. 3 came to church this week and that is what we are trying to work on the most, and it is hard at times. Luckily the Lord is helping us a lot, and we are enjoying seeing them come to church and reading the Book of Mormon too. Really we have a lot of potential here in our area and we really are excited, finding new people to teach and getting them to church. The cool part was that so many new less actives all came to church this week. Our ward put together a YSA volleyball team for a stake tournament, so all of them were less actives basically,and now they are coming to church!! So great, looking good for the next few weeks!!

We also had the privilege and the opportunity to hear from apostles and general authorities in a worldwide general missionary training. Every missionary in the entire world watched it and we received some great councils. The theme was Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. Elder Andersen, Elder Oaks, and Elder Bednar spoke with a few other authorities to give us such great councils to use in our work, and we are excited to put it all into practice. 

Some other funny things that happened.....first. Our pensions family asked my companion and I what was the worst word in English, so we didnt want to teach them what it was for real, so we taught them a fake word instead, NOODLE! haha They always say it now, and it is sooooo funny, we just crack up laughing every time they say it. haha So now Elder Stringham and I have this funny joke just between us. But that is about it, time is flying like usual, each week going by faster than usual. But I am enjoying it every day, some days better than the others like normal. Trying to share this wonderful gospel with all the people we can find here and getting ready to have more success in these coming weeks!! Love all of you guys!!

1-2. The great view of Lake Titicaca from my area EACH DAY. We walk past this every day and it is a great reminder of the beauty of the earth!