Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 66

Well....I cant believe I am writing you guys again, it seems like just yesterday when I wrote and now it is time again!! What?! But things are going well for the most part, this week was a little rough and a little different than most weeks. Well, I only will have Elder Soto as a companion for 2 weeks, he is ending his mini mission and I am staying in Huajsapata, but I am going to train again!!! I am going to have another greenie in the mission and help him out in the start and see where it goes....haha. I hope I get a gringo comp, but whatever the Lord desires it what I will do, so more changes here!

The good part about the work is that Guillermo is a golden investigator and passed his baptismal interview and is going to get baptized this Saturday!! We are so excited for him and are so happy to see him make this step in life and be baptized. He is great and he understands everything, accepts everything too, we love it!! We are really happy for this, but besides him, we dont have anyone else that is progressing. It is a struggle for real to find new investigators, but we need to contact more and really think of new ideas of how to find God's chosen people. So that is a personal goal and a companionship goal that I want to better on this week. But the ward did well this week, the attendance went up to 90 from 70, so that is a great look on  the ward. We hope to continue keeping everyone in church and building up this ward again.....lets go!! haha

Another crazy thing is when we were going to breakfast Sunday morning. We walk up this hill to eat from our room everyday, but this day was different. 2 dogs, rotweilers, were taking a walk with their owner and so we were walking normal. Then 1 of the dogs starting to attack my companion and it was bad, he tried to get them off of him but they bit him up pretty well. For some reason the dogs only just sniffed me and then bit him, but we had to go to the hospital after. They cleaned up his wounds and he is going to have to have a rabies shot today I think, but he is doing a lot better now. It was crazy, not sure why it happened, but we are fine now....crazy stuff here in Peru!

Also in this week we have been sharing the spirit of Christmas with everyone and trying to share the new message Ha Nacido Un Salvador with everyone too. So as the 2 zones in Puno, we go down to the big shopping part and we sing Christmas hymns and contact.....it is actually pretty fun. It is awesome though to share this wonderful time of year with all the Peruvian people and to help each person know that really Christ was born and that this is what we are celebrating. It is great! But an interesting week overall, and a spiritual time of  year for sure. Enjoy your time with the family and all  your friends, but remember to think of Christ and do what he would do in this special time of year!!

 1. Twinning ties with Elder Ludlow

 2. Elder Soto and I

 3. Singing for Christmas in the park.

 4. Rocking the Santa hat with Elder Soto

 5. Hermana Arza and I....I am on my knees and almost as tall as her haha

 6. Hermana Ruiz, Hermana Arza and I

 7. Visitng my old pensionista in Juliaca

 8. Drinking some good old soda with my companion.

 9. Singing again and contacting in the plaza

10.  Elder Soto and I with ouir pensionistas family