Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 51

Well another week down again, and almost at the 1 year mark!! So IM HALFWAY THERE, OHHWOHH LIVIN ON A PRAYER! haha But honestly this week wasnt that exciting, but we did get some work done and enjoyed our tiem here in Peru!

Well yesterday we had splits with Elder Fuentes and it was honestly super awesome! We had such a good time hanging out and working together, and basically laughing all day. Well he is from Lima and speaks actually really good English and he always says the funniest things in English too. He really wants to go to the US after the mission and study there, so we will see if we can help him out. But literally all day we were laughing and having a good time. We worked all yesterday while Elder Cacoango and Elder Kline worked in our sector, but it is always a good time to listen and to learn how other missionaries work. I learned how to better a few things in my lessons. 

But we just reactivated a sister yesterday!! She was less active for  years and is now in the chapel every week, and is trying to help us in this work too. Her name is Felicitas and she is amazing, trying to better all the things she does in the church. We also have found a new progressing investigator, who is the daughter of Felicitas and she is amazing too! She straight up´told us how she could be baptized and all that, and she really has the desire to grow in the Gospel! The only thing is that she is not married to her "husband", so we need to help her in that. And also we had a few young kids who are investigators come to church this week and the really liked it too, so more hope in that. And not much else with who is progressing.

And a funny story, today we were buying things for the month and the week in the market here. And this lady just comes up to me and is like "Take me to the United States!" And im like well if you want, but I dont have any money to do that. And she just says..."Tell your country to send you money and to take me there free" hahahaha.......Like What?? This lady was so weird and I think she wanted a little bit of an american.....so we left that store quickly....haha Basically people here want gringos at times and really want dollars and everything that you say dollars, they will want it. But all is well, I probably wont see that woman after today! hahah

Well another week and yet another week of work here and I am loving every moment of it. Prayers needed to help us in this work here, so I hope all goes well in the coming week!!

 1. Elder Thacker, Elder Blancarte, and Elder Cacoango and I eating salteƱas in the Plaza de Armas in Juliaca.
 2. Elder Cacoango and I......he is pretty short even standing on the step haha

 3. Plaza de Armas
 4. Our chapel in Juliaca. I really like how they look.

 5. Elder Fuentes and I goofing off after church.